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6 years ago

How Can I Record by Keyword on Contour?

I see this was a request from 4 YEARS AGO!

It is simply lazy by Cox and the vendor of Contour to not have this implemented by now.

The first opportunity I can I will leave Cox TV and move to some form of streaming.

Prices go up AGAIN and no increased value for the service.

So done with it.

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  • Hi eminiR2k,

    Contour provides the simplest, fastest way to search and access all your entertainment. You can use the Contour 2 Voice remote to change channels, find shows, get recommendations, etc. The remote also responds to phrases like “Movies with Tom Cruise”, “Watch ABC”, “5-minute workouts on YouTube”, “Go ahead, make my day”, “What baseball games are on?” etc. Please elaborate on what keywords you want to record with.

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Hello Maria,

      Keywords are CRITICAL for recording programs when you are away from your entertainment system and for programs that have random times.

      Case in point: When using Contour Voice remote for the words "Supercross", Contour returns "No results found for "Supercross".

      But here it is:

      As it stands now I have to remember EVERY week to find the scheduled time (as it is random) for Supercross so I can record it as Contour has neither the KEYWORD option nor will Contour Voice find it even though the word is in the title of the requested program (again, see above image).

      When I use Contour Voice to find "Motocross", "Monster Energy" it finds other programs but not the one I need ~ I have photos if proof is needed).

      In this day and age of computer technology we should be able to enter a KEYWORD, save that KEYWORD, and have Contuor find any instance of that keyword within the Title, Information, etc..

      The old cable DVR boxes I had before Contour had KEYWORDS for recording purposes ~ so "upgrading" to Contour I actually lost this feature.

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        Hi eminiR2k,

        Thank you for sharing these details. I now have a better understanding of your concern. There is a “Smart Search” feature available on Contour that will predict what you’re looking for and suggest titles that match your entry. You will get results after entering a few characters.

        I tested this feature with the voice search that you attempted. By pressing the CONTOUR button on the remote, right arrow until you get to SEARCH. I attempted to look for “Motocross” when you enter the letters results will appear instantly. In this example, only 3 letters were entered (M O T), 229 results appeared and the 2nd result was Motocross Racing: Monster Energy Supercross: Daytona.

        I tried searching for “Supercross”, it did require the following: S U P E R C, before finding the results I was looking for. Searching “Monster Energy” only required the first three letters; M O N, for the results.

        I hope this sufficiently responds to your inquiry. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

        Maria L.
        Cox Support Forum Moderator