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5 years ago

Faulty Guide causing many duplicate recordings and scheduling conflicts

A large percentage of the shows I have set to record "New Episodes Only" have become increasingly "miss-labeled" in the Guide -- lacking  a "Repeat" designation on re-runs. This now causes many duplicate recordings... and also scheduling conflicts that SHOULD NOT be occurring. It used to only happen occasionally and I would have to manually delete the repeats from the scheduling queue ahead of time. But this month, things have gotten MUCH WORSE. Who is in charge of getting the Guide designations right so that Repeats DO NOT record?

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  • SD-Area,

    I understand it's frustrating to have to delete duplicate recordings. If the guide data is incorrect we'll need to investigate this issue you're seeing with the guide data. What scheduled series are doing this for you? We can look into this for you.

    Cox Forums Support Moderator