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Fast forwarding on a DVR program currently recording sometimes shows the very beginning of the show

For instance, if I'm watching a sporting event that has recorded 1 hour and 47 minutes of the game and I have watched 32 minutes of it, while I fast forward through a 3 minute commercial instead of playing the show at the 35 minute mark, it starts playing the show at the very beginning. When I pause the show it shows I'm at the 35 minute mark even though the video on the screen is footage that was shown at the very beginning of the show (:01 minute mark). This only happens on shows currently being recorded, never shows that have finished recording.

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    Thank you for reaching out. I see this and your second post and will reply here. I have had this experience with the newer Contour equipment but have not heard or seen any information about an upcoming solution. Though bothersome, I continue fast forwarding to the point I seek to reach. I have shared your report in an attempt to resolve this for all of us.

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