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5 years ago


Every time I try to watch the Bachelor off my DVR on the day of recording I have issues. It will either post an error telling me try again later or it will have audio issues and pauses. What do I need to do to fix this? I have already tried resetting the box and also updating it.


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  • Hi Delnacho,

    I'm sorry that's happening. Do you ever have any skipping or audio issues on live TV channels? Have any other recordings been affected?
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    Audio issues can be caused by an incorrect SAP setting that would be corrected by toggling SAP as JonathanJ recommended.  However, that wouldn't correct the error message and pausing you mentioned in your original post.

    If your issues persist and are isolated to the same specific channels, it might be a main line issue.  In the past, I experienced intermittent pixelation on the same few channels that was corrected when Cox repaired the main line.  However, my symptoms were different from the error message and audio/pausing issues you described.  The fact that you haven't noticed issues with live programming may just be due to the random nature of this type of issue.  It might also possibly be affected by network peek activity and your viewing habits of when you watch live vs when you record to the DVR.  You should ask Cox to perform a signal test at the tap to determine if there is a line issue.