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5 years ago

DVR Recording Issues

I have my third 9865HDC and all have had the same issue where the recorded program stops and give a error to call some 800 number and report a ref or it freezes and after a long pause jump several minute further into the program.  This is happening about 20% of my recordings.  I am paying for the 6 program Concur DVR option which if I cannot get 20% of what I record it is not worth it.  I know Cox is going to tell me to swap units but how many times do I have to do this to find a working unit.  Also I cannot get my Caller ID to work on this unit.  Seems Cox has a major equipment issue.  I have been a loyal Cox customer of decades and for what I am paying them perhaps it is time to give AT&T Uverse a shot.  Any ideas other than swapping unit doe another dud? 

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  • Hello. I recommend first power cycling the box to see if that helps clear this up. If it continues, I recommend having a tech come out and take a look. -Allan