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5 years ago

disk space management

constant problems managing disk space on Contour 2 dvr

1) is there a way to expand capacity  [ex: external disk drive or what i believe is disallowed option to download from dvr to personal computer]

2) is there a way to tell in which order recordings will be automatically removed to make way for new recordings

3) is there a way to tell the amount of space taken up by each recording [to help prioritize order or watch/remove ]

4) record options are binary: a) until space needed  b) for 1 year

4a) 1 year from when?

4b) is there a way to sort saved recordings based upon date recorded and/or the "1 year" that is chosen

4c) is there a way to reset the "1 year" clock

From all appearances, the end user really has no control or ability to see what might/will happen when disk space runs short, so a follow-up

5) is there a way to identify which shows have been automatically deleted without being watched?

6) when the software decides which recording to remove, does the algorithm take into account which show will/will not repeat

6a) if it does priortize by first nuking shows that will re-run, does it automatically reschedule recording of that to-be-nuked show

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    1.) There is no way to extend capacity on the hard drive. Our Record 2 and Record 6 have about 250 hours of HD video:

    2.) You will have to manually delete recordings in order to make room for new ones.
    3.) Kinda. If you delete the content, you'll see the DVR space bar decrease at the top, as well as the percentage left of DVR space.
    4a.) One year from the date in which the content was recorded.
    4b.) No
    5c.) No
    6.) You can view the "Recently Deleted" section.
    6a.) If you delete a recording but then attempt to record the same content that was deleted, it will in fact record.

    I hope this information helps. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator