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4 years ago

daily update changes resolutions

wondering if anyone knows if cox ever fixed the firmware for contour2 to not change resolution when it does the daily update or is there anyway to stop the daily update, saw there were several posts about this 3yrs ago yet they have it locked now, don't want to get a arris box as they don't have component video outputs, have the 9865 box, used to have contour1 rec6 they made me get t new box and can only do contour2 now for rec6 service as was told that it wasn't cost effective to have contour1 rec6 anymore, have been hassling with this for a month now and not real crazy about the service I have been getting. seems like they could hire someone there that could code to make the service for contour 1 or at least make the update not change resolutions when it updates as don't want 720p, I want 1080i or make some boxes with component video outputs. not sure why it has to do an update everyday anyway my phone and computer only does a update like once a month

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  • @Jc1, I am not aware of any ongoing issues with Contour 2 resolution concerns at the moment. Are you experiencing issues with the boxes you currently have? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      yes, have a 9865hdc with component video just got it Sunday and every morning when it does it's daily update it switches the resolution from 1080i to 720p

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        Please check and see if the TV resolution is set to 1080i.

        Jonathan J
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