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5 years ago

Contour Upgrade

I have received two new Contour boxes to replace my old Cox boxes.  The two new ones are different.  One smaller one has minimal connections,...cable in, HDMI out, and power.  The larger one had several additional connections...Ethernet, video and audio out RCA jacks, USB port, and additional HDMI port.  Why the differences?

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    master + remote, guess they figure you don't need 2 of the big units..

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    Do you subscribe to DVR service?

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      yes, the record 6 variety, ultimate internet, up to 300/30 & that's what i see on both cox + ookla, wired/wi-fi.

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    Hi WAB, are you referring to the wireless receivers? My guess is, this is designed to have a more simple look and feel. Additionally, the smaller units take up less space. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator