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5 years ago

Contour Feedback

Notifications.  The Notifications area of Contour (left arrow) is a waste of real estate.  Why not return our Call History into this space?  Or at least create a subcategory for our Call History.  Whenever I left-arrow, it's always "No New Notifications.  You're All Caught Up."

Power-On Channel.  I understand Contour doesn’t power-off, but there must be some logical state on the HDMI cable for Contour to detect I just turned on my TV.

Sound Cues.  Is this feature broken?  I enabled it to "turn on brief, distinctive sounds used to represent specific events and other clues about what is happening on screen" but it never "sounds" during any event, such as show reminders or Caller ID on TV.  Rovi used to "ding" twice for show reminders.
Contour > Sprocket > Accessibility Settings > Sound Cues (it's the last feature) > On

Feedback.  Why don't we receive specific actions on our feedback?  It'd be interesting if anyone has actually implemented, researched, rejected, ignored, ridiculed or misappropriated our ideas.

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    We appreciate customers who take the time to give their feedback. We will pass this along to management. The sound cue feature is operable and will work when an event happens. Thanks

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      I suppose you'll need to define an "event."  Contour has never audibly alerted me for anything.

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        For instance, if you reach the end of a menu and cannot go any further the audio will stop for a brief moment each time your press the arrow key in the direction of the menu that does not go any further. These are mainly for the visually impaired.

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