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5 years ago

Contour box keeps shutting off

I upgrade to contour 6 in November and I've had 3 boxes swapped out so far.  Now today the box went into a "boot" loop.  I unplugged it and it came back but has no ability to record shows.  I went online and chatted but in the end they said we need a new box, number 4, and there's a $75 charge for a tech to come out.  Why would I pay for bad equipment provided by Cox?  Anyone else having this much trouble with Contour?

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    If the technician comes out and determines that the box has failed there would be no charge for the visit. If you would prefer we can also try swapping the box for you at one of our solutions stores. Visit to find locations in your area.

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    yes apparently Cox wants all of us to cut the cord.  Well they are going to get their wish if they keep doing this ** to longtime customers.