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6 years ago

Contour 2 scheduled series recordings fail to record

Greetings . . 

This problem has been recurring since January.  I have called at least 5 times, but still don't have resolution.  Hard drive was less that 25% full, power cycling the DVR does nothing to correct the problem, even though one support person suggested the resolution would be to manually power cycle the DVR at least once a day.

Here is the scenario:

  1. go to the guide and find a show to record -- say "BULL".
  2. select that item and click the record button
  3. choose to record ALL, then just new
  4. Now when the time comes for BULL to start, the DVR appropriately indicates the recording has started (front panel red LED lights), and if I go to Contour-->SAVED, the row for BULL indicates it is being recorded.  It also shows as recording on the SCHEDULED page.
  5. Now wait 15 minutes or 45 minutes - it doesn't matter  - and try to play back the recording of BULL
  6. FAIL - - a dialog appears stating there is a problem with this recording and it cannot be played. It also states that BULL is playing again on <date> (where the <date> is the current date) would you like to record it then?.  There are two options OK and CANCEL
    1. CASE 1 OK:  The recording picks up at that point and successfully completes even if there is only one minute left of the program. Note that if the record time has passed you don't get this option in the dialog

    2. CASE 2 CANCEL:  The DVR stops indicating the a program is recording and an entry remains in the SAVED list.  However, if the schedule time has passed, you don't get a cancel option
    3. The next morning the bad recording has disappeared from the list

As I said, I have called multiple times over the last 6 weeks with no resolution.  Three calls ago the support group decided to replace the Contour box - which they did.  The tech did all the standard checks.  All the levels were goo and he could find no condition on our drop that might cause the problem.  All the old scheduled recording items automatically updated to the new DVR upon activation AND all the scheduled programs properly recorded and could be played back in their entirety ----- for one night, the same night that the DVR was replaced.  The next night ALL recordings failed again.  I called Cox Support again.

This time the support person suggested I delete and recreate all the scheduled items - - i did so and everything worked again --- for one night.  He also forwarded the support tickets (7521244, 7676652) to another level but three days later I still haven't heard back.

Last night some more of the scheduled recordings failed once again and I called support once again, but didn't get any new information they offered to send a tech out again, but after reading the last tech's comments we agreed that would likely not be beneficial. However, the support person was professional and expressed a desire to help.  I don't have any issue with any of the folks that I talk to when I call support, but they are pretty limited in what they can do for this  problem and the back end guys are pretty busy - i guess - But as a customer this is pretty frustrating - -I have been with Cox since 1979 and have NEVER had a problem  drag on like this.  We had one problem where 300 feet of cable from the street drop had to be replaced - -- that only took a week.


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  • @DarrylB. We can certainly look into this ongoing dvr issue for you. Please send us an email with your full address and a link to this post to so we can review the account and support tickets on your behalf. Thanks. -Allan. Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      So. . . Now it has been almost THREE months, the problem still exists, AND I still have NOT received any updates.

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        Hi DarrylB, we understand the ongoing DVR issues can be extremely frustrating, and we apologize deeply for it. This case has been escalated and submitted over to the appropriate party for review. When we receive additional information, we will gladly follow-up with you. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator