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6 years ago

Constantly reboots

Is there a known software issue with the new black cable boxes? We are on our 2nd black box in a month and this one is doing the same thing. Constantly reboots while trying to watch shows. Going back for our 3rd box.

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  • Hi Box, signal fluctuations to the receiver as well as power fluctuations can cause the symptoms you described. Does the cable receiver plug into a wall outlet or a power strip? Try moving the power cord to a different outlet. Is there a splitter on the coax connection to the cable box? If so, the splitter might be impacting the signal to the receiver. Remove the splitter and connect the coax from the cable box directly to the cable outlet. Watch TV for a few hours and see if the problem reoccurs. If this stops the constant box resets, replace the splitter with a new one. Cox recommends coaxial 5-1000 MHz splitters. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      The last few days our DVR (Sci Amer Rovi) has rebooted itself and the recording is messed up. That's the first time I've seen the TV/DVR reboot itself. (The mini boxes and Internet were still logged In).