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6 years ago

Channel 8 Outage?

As of Aug 20, I can no longer get Channel 8 (KGUN 9) in Arizona.  I contacted support and was told there was a "temporary outage."  Still cannot get it.  Does anyone have the same problem in Arizona?

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    Hello Casterp,

    Are you still experiencing an issue with the channel? If so, what error message are you receiving?

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Yes I still cannot get channel 8 (CW Tucson).  There is no error message--just a blank screen.  

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        Hi Casterp,

        Are you having issues with accessing channel 8 (CW Tucson) on all your receivers (two Advanced TV and three Advanced TV HD) or certain ones?

        Maria L.
        Cox Support Forum Moderator