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5 years ago

Cable cards and tuning adapters NOT working

I’m 4 weeks into this issue that nobody can resolve.   

I have 4 sets of cable cards and tuning adapters in 4 TiVo units.  About 4 weeks ago, I noticed that some channels were not working.   I also noticed that all 4 tuning adapters were flashing yellow (should be solid yellow).   I called and they “reset” my connection.   Didn’t work.  Did that again a few days later.  Still didn’t work.  They sent a tech to the home (which showed no issues. I then talked to a tech agent who couldn’t pair all my equipment and suggested that I swap them out.  Did that - all new (used) cards and adapters.   Called the 877-820-82xx number and got those partially paired on one TV (not the others).   They sent another tech to my house (no issues).  The last time I called tech she was able to pair ALL cards but I have limited service.  No sub channels (1 HBO, 1 Showtime, no EPIX, etc).  I subscribe to EVERY channel.   

Frustrated, I settled and decided to shelve my 4 TiVo’s and go with your IP TV service.  I ordered the Ultimate DVR service (record 24) with 4 HD boxes.  They had to upgrade my modem to facilitate it.  Said great - I’ll see it in a couple days.  Ended the call.  What I received from UPS was 2 old DVR’s with 4 clients and the new style modem.  When I called (yet again) they said the sent me that equipment because IP TV service isn’t available in my area. REALLY? 

I just want my cable cards to work so I can use my TiVos or receive the IP/cloud based DVR service like I was offered.  Can anybody help?

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  • Hi Richard0415, I think I'd be just as frustrated if in your shoes, and I apologize this has been such an aggravating experience. I'd like to see if we can figure out why some of your channels aren't working on your TiVos. Please email your name and address to my team at We also need to confirm some additional information. I'm sure you've been through these numbers multiple several times already, so please bear with me. Please check the CableCARD information screen on each TiVo and provide us with each CableCARD's serial number (S/N), Host ID number, and Host Data number. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator