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Been a few years since COX was going to create a modify service function online to downgrade service

What is the status on this.

I want to be able to click, click, click, done... 

I do not want some 20 year old spending 10-15 minutes trying to upsell services to me..

As a customer, I should be able to modify my services without dealing with "retention"

If this service has not been created, even though I read responses from 3 years ago say it was, I will likely need to shop elsewhere or cut the cord.

"we make it easier on the customer!"  Cox motto....  So with that, where is the modify service button.

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    you probably need to go into a cox facility, like i did a few months ago!

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    Sign into Shop For Cox Services and select the plan you want from the website.  According to the website, you can select a plan that's a downgrade from your current level of service.  If your changes require equipment to be returned, Cox will send you an email listing the items they need back from you.  A fee will be applied if equipment is not returned within 10 days.

    I used this website yesterday because my service plan was expiring and my monthly bill was going up.  The new one-year service plan I selected included everything I had before, plus a new sports package.  The new channels were available for viewing the same day.  The new monthly price from the website plan is significantly less than the promotional discount price offered by the nice, helpful lady in Cox's Loyalty Department (after 45 minutes on the phone) for a similar plan that didn't include the sports package.  

    The website was a lot quicker and easier than the long phone call with Cox's Loyalty Department and it provided extra channels for a smaller monthly bill.  It's also quicker, easier and a lot safer than a trip to a Cox Solutions store right now.

    Note: This website may also be used to display details of your current plan.

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    Hi Acordweather,

    Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns. There aren't any changes regarding this at this time. We always appreciate customers who take the time to give us their feedback, and I'll pass what you've said to our management team. -Xavier
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      @XavierB, I just used the website two days ago that OP was asking about.

      Update: An email reply just received from a Cox Social Media Support Specialist to a question about the availability of this website said:

      "The option to shop for Cox services is available to all".

      Cox just confirmed that the "Shop For Cox Services" website is available in all markets.

      @XavierB, you may not have gotten the memo. 😉

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        you can't downgrade online only upgrade you added the sports package you didn't remove anything