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7 years ago

A question for ChrisL

I found a post of yours early last year on how to add the sound control from my home theater to the screen of the TV. So that I have a sound up and down bar seen on the TV screen along with the Mute button showing MUTE on the screen for the home theater.

It was something something and then press the vol button twice up or down?

Any help



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  • I found the post, I looked through my bookmarks.I try and save important stuff and it was there. Problem is it doesn't seem to work now using this new box.

    This took a little experimention on my part but I was able to get it to control the box volume by doing the following:

    The following steps give you the ability to switch volume back and forth between the CABLE and TV audio devices.
    Make sure the CABLE button is already programmed to your audio receiver, such as a stereo, surround sound, or AV receiver. You can use the quick steps or the auto-scan steps, which ever works best for you.
    Now set the CABLE to control volume: Press and hold the Mute and Select buttons at the same time, until one of the device buttons (TV, DVD, AUX, Cable) blinks twice.
    Release both buttons.
    Press and release the VOL- (volume down) button.
    Press and release the CABLE button. It will blink 2 times.
    Result: At any time, you can press CABLE, then VOL to control volume -- or press TV, then VOL to control volume.