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3 months ago

Lost Mobile Phone cannot be removed from system

Lost my Cox purchased mobile flip phone. Went to the retail store with substitute iPhone that was approved. Retail store gave me a new SIM card and told me to wait a few hours. It has been 13 days and no activation on my substitute iphone and Cox flip phone still listed in my account. 

I have spoken to at least 10 techs on this. Responses varied from "wait a few hours" to "it takes 5 working days" to "I can only escalate this to our highest tech support in Atlanta". I even received another SIM  card from Allison who thought that might work.

I just can't understand why the lost flip phone cannot be removed from the system by the local retail store. From what I can gather, the deletion of a mobile phone in the system to be replaced by another phone also in the system is not in the script the techs follow so they just come up with their own response to make the customer go away.  Now I am waiting for the tech support gurus in Atlanta but have no idea when they might get back to me or even confirmation that they received my ticket.

What is it going to take?

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    I am having the exact same problem I'm stuck in the customer service loop! No one actually wants to help here! Phone service can't be removed from old device cause after a week of buying it from cox the phone bricked can't even get a refund.. now the phone that was bricked has the service on it okay so Apple sends a brand new device , and for some reason they have no Box to click to remove the service from the bricked phone and now I'm stuck with a locked phone and can't even get anyone to stop transferring me to the next person that says let me transfer you to the right department like 4 to 5 times!! I'm done I lost so much money not having a phone! I paid Out right for a IPhone 14 plus this is unacceptable business practices going on with cox store in Phoenix, Tolleson McDowell road. 

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      Hi Nadzgrace, I can only imagine how aggravated I'd be after what you've described. I must apologize, as Cox Mobile is currently outside the scope of support by Forum moderators. I don't want you to be stuck with a locked phone! I'm sure we can get this resolved for you. What happened when you went to the Cox Solutions Store? 

  • Hello Ed330ci. I'm very sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Cox mobile service. I can see how this can be frustrating. When it comes to Cox mobile phone support you will need to call us. It's not something we handle here. I'm very sorry. Please call us at 1 800 234-3993 and ask for a supervisor. 


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