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6 years ago

Issue with Nomorobo using Simultaneous Ringing

Ok after several attempts to try and get Nomorobo set up found out that the Simultaneous Ringing is not available yet! According to Cox Chat told me "Chris R.: Joanne, I have checked your account, in this case, I am sorry to tell you that simultaneous ring neither Nomorobo are available in your area, please check your bill statement every month in order to see when it is enabled. We are working as quick as we can in order to give all our customers this benefits in the closest future. However, there is not an estimated time". So now I left to wonder why it is listed in phone features but yet not available and they don't know when it will be?

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  • Hi Jusjokin12, Cox has been working all year on a project to update our telephony network by removing outdated Circuit Switch technology and replacing it with Packet Switch technology. The upgrade in phone network technology will allow us to provide customers with new phone features like Simultaneous Ring. (Simultaneous Ring is necessary to filter out spam calls via tools like Nomorobo.) We're working to migrate existing Cox Digital Telephone customers to the new platform as quickly as we can. This migration requires a service appointment so a field technician can reconfigure how your home connects to the telephony platform. Each Cox market is in the process of contacting current Cox Digital Telephone customers and scheduling conversion appointments. You should be contacted soon! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      becky When you mentioned that a field technician appointment is required (presumably at their residence), are you saying that because @jusjokin12 doesn't currently use digital phone service through an eMTA at his/her residence as I wasn't contacted for such a field service appointment when I was migrated over.  I, like many others, were already connected through an eMTA on the premises. Thanks.

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        Hi Rob, a service appointment is required even if you are already using an eMTA for phone service. There is a bit more involved than just flipping a switch. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Just because it's listed under Phone Features, doesn't mean it's active.  Isn't it displaying Off, colored in a washed-out gray and non-responsive to clicks?

  • Rob H.,

    Let me clarify, If a customer already uses a modem for Cox Digital Telephone they can, and will be migrated when the process occurs in their area. No visit should be required for customers who already have an eMTA. Once these customers are migrated they should receive a letter, but will also see the telephone line item on their bill change over to say Cox Voice. I hope this helps.

    Colleen D.
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      Thank you for the clarification, Colleen.