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4 months ago

Help me get back the money I lost that I didn't buy

In March on the 16th or 17th, I bought an iPhone 15 pro max from you with a $300 customer discount, but the order was canceled and a few days later my money was refunded when I bought the phone at 1013.49. $ was reduced by $300, but on April 16, I received a notification via gmail that I had to pay the iPhone 15pro max phone bill for $1013.49 and it would automatically be paid on April 17 and I immediately I was immediately startled, why do I have this bill, this phone was canceled on April 17, why are you charging me extra money and I have never received a phone, I immediately went to the local store for help and they couldn't help so they told me to call cox's support department and I called for support and they transferred me from one department to another and I I still don't know if I will get a refund because on April 17, $1013.49 was deducted from my account and I didn't buy or receive anything. You guys said you would contact me after 48 hours but until now. I still haven't received any calls and I'm very confused as I don't know if I can get my money back because it's a big deal for me, I hope they get refunded, you can check the history. My order can be seen that the iPhone 15pro max I ordered has been canceled and there is no information that I have received the goods and somehow I have an invoice for 1013.49$ for the iPhone 15 pro max that I ordered. cancel

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  • Sorry I was mistaken, the order was canceled on March 17 or March 18, not April 17

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      I'm sorry you've had this experience. When you have a moment, please send an email with your full name, complete address and 4 digit pin to for more assistance with this issue.