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5 years ago

bundles of money

I purchased a home a year and a half ago and called up Cox for service.  They sold me on a "preferred" bundle for 130 per month to include home security, cable TV and Internet to include the modem/router which I thought was kind of high but I went ahead with it because they use to have EXCELLENT customer service and would do most anything to keep your business.  About a 2 weeks after setup was complete I had to call support because my TV would freeze after channel 26 and was still crappy even on the lower channels.  The very next week after support came to my house to replace my TV box i started having problems again.  I called and again a technician came out to the house after 2 days but this time they told me to take the box back to cox solution store to exchange it out (What?  and I pay the service fee every month for what now?).  That upset me so I took the TV box back to the solution store and had them drop that off my account which they did without question but wouldn't change my monthly bill.  Around the same time I also decided I did not want the Cox home security because we have pets active kids and the setup I had with Cox just wasn't working at all so I asked them to remove it also but they declined and said I would have to continue paying or buy out the contract which I did not have the money to do.  I ended up disconnected the security box and put it in the hallway closet in a paper bag.  I expected a phone call from the security team to tell me their device was offline but the phone call never happened and that was a year ago I disconnected it.  I still have to pay for this even though they can't follow through with their agreement with me to have someone monitoring my home security device that is offline. 

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago.  Started having issues with internet but the usual restart of the modem/router had no effect.  Call customer support and the automated computer chick wants to reboot the modem/router which had no effect once it came back up.  Finally ended up talking to a human being and they, you guessed it rebooted the modem/router with surprisingly no effect.  ...deja vu...  They said they would send out a technician to look at the problem because after all I do pay the monthly technical fee because I do work and time = money.  The technician came out and replaced a splitter which he said was the source of the problem which I argued with him but he was confident that was the problem and then said, "If you still have the same issue, take the modem/router back to the Cox store to replace it.  Well guess what, the technician solved absolutely nothing except causing me to loose on a day's wages.  I ended up taking it back to the store again and have a new router/modem.  

What happened to you Cox?  I use to tell people that there was only one place to get internet in Oklahoma which was Cox but you are falling way short of the base these days.  Wonder how you will treat people now that you have AT&T running fiber for internet.   Shame, shame, shame for Cersei and Cox

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  • Hi Friendless In The Digital Age,

    What you described is very troubling and I can't imagine how upset I would be if I were in your shoes. I am truly sorry for the frustration and aggravation you have been through. I'd like an opportunity to investigate what is happening and find out why we have yet to solve your chronic service issues. Please send me an email to with your name and address so we can help. Be sure to include the URL for this thread.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Latitia S.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator -Latitia