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Have had unknown long distance telephone charges for calls we did not make. Cox refuses to acknowledge they have a problem. What can I do.

We have had two calls on bill that we did not make.  Cox says they came from our phone.  One person even said anyone can use our phone (I assume they meant with our permission), but we did not give permission for the calls and were unaware that they were made.  They were both to Arkansas.  But, last month one was made to Topeka, KS that we didn't make.  Why does this keep happening?

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    Permission?  Permission from whom?  Your question begs the question:  who else...other than in your house?  Just because you didn't permit the calls, it doesn't mean they weren't dialed.

    What's the dates and times of the calls?  Who was home during those dates and times?  Do you have a home-security system.  Security systems routinely "call" their mother ship with status updates.  Those would be easy to identify because they're chronologically scheduled.

    Why does this keep happening?  Maybe because it's easy to do in your home.