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Telephone Modem

Does the free telephone also allow internet access in a bundle(e.g. bronze which includes phone, internet, and tv)

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  • Hello Cox system forum,

    Yes, there is an available Ethernet Port on the back of the Telephony Modem. Plugging a computer, a router, or a device that supports internet with an Ethernet connection into the Ethernet port on the eMTA will allow you internet access. Customers that don't have a router also have the choice to rent a Single-Band Gateway Telephony Modem for an additional $6.99 a month.

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    just had service installed, modem/router costs $10/m  

    you have no choice to buy your own router/modem because all commercial modems DO NOT HAVE TELEPHONE, thus the bottomline price quoted before installation WAS A LIE. 

    this is why cable companies are held in such high esteem

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    ragfur, you have two options:

    1.connect your own router to the "free" telephone modem. No additional rental fees and gives you WiFi via your own router.

    2. use the "free", included with telephone service, modem for phone only. Then you can buy your own modem and router for internet. You don't have to rent a Cox phone gateway. Just have Cox provision the phone modem for phone any your modem for internet.

    No lies here, if you want Cox to do WiFi for you then you have to rent. But, it will work with the included modem at no additional cost ... your option.

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    There is also the 3rd option of obtaining/renting a phone/internet/wifi gateway like the Arris TG2472. I say obtaining or renting because I am not sure if Cox charges for the gateway if you have phone service.  If you have experience with networking, I would suggest getting your own router for performance reasons, but there is the option.

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    Teck, AFAIK, Cox charges a monthly rental for phone gateways. The only thing they include with phone service is a telephone modem. IIRC, a dual band phone gateway is $10/mo.