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4 months ago

Cox Mobile Plan without Cox Internet

Im a 4 year Cox Internet Customer and recently added Cox Mobile + a new device. Im moving across my state and Cox doesnt provide Internet Service in this location, would I be able to keep my Cox Account / Cox Mobile plan if I Terminate my Cox Internet once I move?

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  • Yes, however, afterward you cannot:

    - Add a line to the account.

    - Sign up for a new device payment plan with Citizen's Bank.

    - Add Cox Mobile Protection Plan to a new device

    You can still:

    - Keep your mobile number

    - Maintain current device payment plan with Citizen's Bank.

    - Purchase a replacement device, as long as the new device is paid in full without a new payment plan.

    - Change data plan (Unlimited, Pay As You GIG).

    - Add, change, or remove their plan (World Plan, Canada & Mexico Plan, Travel Day Pass).

    - Buy accessories.

    - Remove the Device Protection Plan.


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      Thank you so much for the quick response, I read that in the ToS but wanted to make sure it was correct without the Internet Service. Much appreciated!

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        On behalf of Brian I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to help. We appreciate your business. If you have any account related concerns you can email us at  Have a great day! 

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      Thank you, Brian m; however, I am considering a total disconnect of my home internet, and I am curious whether we can keep our email addresses after  they have moved to Yahoo if we only retain mobile service with Cox.