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6 years ago

Your support agents via Live Chat service are lying to me.

I opened a chat this afternoon with a support agent to ask about a problem with a particular Wi-Fi hotspot that I've been using for the last year or so.

The agent told me that the hot spot was undergoing maintenance. I informed the agent that the problems have been ongoing for about 2 weeks then the agent told me it was only reported yesterday.

So I asked the agent why the hotspot with still visible and why I could see a signal coming from it if it was undergoing maintenance, wouldn't a hotspot that's undergoing maintenance be offline?

No I was told that you could still connect to it so that brought me back to my original problem: why can't I connect to this hotspot that I've been using regularly for a year and I'm in the same exact spot and nothing has changed other than the fact that this hotspot is got a very weak signal coming from it?

I was assured that technicians are working on it but there would be no estimated time that it would be fixed.

So being skeptical with that answer I opened a chat with another agent. This time I started by asking if there were any known problems with Wi-Fi hotspots in the zip code where I'm at.

This agent took some time and then came back with an address that was different from the address where I am. A completely different hotspot. So I then asked the agent if that was all the problem hot spots within that zip code and ask if there were any more. Well at that point the agent had cut off the conversation.

I believe that the agent knew that he was caught in a lie. I see a pattern where support agents give answers based on the information that I give them and tailor their responses to avoid admitting things that make Cox look bad or that are embarrassing for Cox. And this pattern isn't anything new. I've experienced it several times in the past and it's been for the same exact issue, although not the same location but the same issue.

So a few hours later I opened up a chat with a third agent. This agent told me that there were NO reports of a problem with the hot spot that I had mentioned to the first.

So let's review here: agent  #1 and agent #2 both told me that the hotspot was undergoing maintenance and agent #1 also told me that a customer reported a problem with it yesterday. The third agent told me that there were no reports of problems with the hotspot.

Then when I mentioned that the versions of the situation that I was receiving we're not matching up between different agents the third agent attempted to do some damage control by some type of vague answer that made it sound like some agents have some information and other agents have their information and that they don't all necessarily draw from the same information.

Can you see why I am extremely unhappy with the abysmal service that I'm getting? Why would anyone continue to do business with a company that's clearly training their people to lie to customers?

I'm trying to think of one good reason why I should not close my account today

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    Hello J. Kopp,

    Thank you for reaching out to Cox Forum Support. I’m sorry you had to go through this today. I understand that it’s been frustrating. So that we can take a look into this issue with the hotspots please email Please include the forum post, your full name, and address in the email. We will reply back once we receive the email. Thanks

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      Oh my.... this is about much more than hotspots. I am disgusted with Cox altogether because your official policy is to lie to customers. How else can this be explained? The only other possibility is that each person I talk to just happens to be making the decision on their own to go off script and make up stories. That's ridiculous.