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6 years ago

Xbox one slow upload speed

So everything in my home ( cell phones, laptop etc)  gets awesome speeds, except for my 2 xbox 1s' .  Anyone else having this issue?

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    Darren, is this still happening??  What city are you in??  Just asking because i am having the exact same issue.  Thanks!

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      c5ride, you didn’t ask me, but I’m in northwest Arkansas. I have many friends in my town alone with this issue and none of us can game and broadcast. I have tried to tell cox the reason they haven’t heard more on this yet is b/c an average gamer turns on a game and if it works they play. The end. They don’t know to do speed tests and most gamers just know what their internet plan is called, not what the exact speed is that they’re suppose to get. I hope you can say something to this forum group to get cox to test their own network. A Tier 3 tech, an Xbox one, one s, or one x, a cox network, and a speed test. Literally 5 minutes of work to see what we all see. 

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        Did you ever get this fixed man? I’m currently on the phone with them right now. Still barely just getting 1.7 on the Gigablast plan and I’m losing my mind. I’m gonna try and get a class action together for all streamers dealing with this if it’s not solved. 

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      c5ride, this is still happening to me in Omaha, NE.  I have been on several calls with Cox tech support and no difference.  I have tried two different modems and routers.  I have even bought a brand new xbox one x 2 days ago and I still have the same issue.  I have bounced from gigablast back to ultimate with 300/30.  on my X1X I can  not get more than 1.7-3 Mbps on upload.  I have even directly connected my xbox to my modem and seen no different in testing with Cox.  I really want this fixed like everyone else.

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        We want to see what may be causing your issue. Are you only having an issue with your Xbox? Are you able to test a laptop hardwired to the modem to see what you are getting on that device as well? We want to know if this issue is affecting all of your devices that are online.

        Mark M.
        Cox Support Forums Moderator
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     Currently waiting for higher tier tech support to have this done. 

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      This was useless, he said he can help me open ports on my router, which is already done. 

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    Same is happening to me in NW Arkansas. Every other device is around 35 upload while my xbox one x is clocking a 2-4 upload. I've tried discussing with customer support. Very frustrating. 

    Edit: paying for gigablast

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    I am getting the exact same issues. No matter what I do I cannot get over 2mb upload which is ridiculous since I pay for gigablast. Even changing the MAC address does nothing. I believe this is all due to COX closing Port 80 for residential use. Microsoft requires 7 ports to be open for it to run smoothly and Port 80 is one of them they require. I am in Omaha, NE and my internet was fine about a month ago. I believe the only way to improve this is to switch to a different internet company.

    I took my Xbox to my friends house who is down the street and instantly got 300+ upload because he's on Century Link.