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2 months ago

Worst wifi

I’ve had techs come out and tell me I have good signal but I do not. All my videos buffer and if you want to game you can go ahead and forget that because it will not load. I paid $90 for 500 mpbs so I should have no issue with my wifi. I’ve gotten a new modem and that did not help either. This has became extremely inconvenient for me and I would not recommend this wifi to anyone. Now I have to wait almost a week to get my new equipment delivered to get new wifi. Has anyone else had this experience with them? 

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  • brea15w 

    I know just how important a reliable connection is and I'm sorry to hear you have been experiencing buffering and issues with gaming. I can understand how this would be frustrating and I would be upset too. I'd like to help in any way I can. 

    I beleive I was able to locate your account using your forums credentials and it looks like you've recently reset your modem. I'm not seeing any detected issues in the area and the modem's connection to our network looks good, so I ran some additional tests that have me concerned but I'm not able to replicate what I am seeing on any equipment nearby. 


    Please email with your full name, complete street address and a link to this post so we can confirm your account and take a closer look.