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3 months ago

Desert internet

The repeated disconnects and quality of connection has been significantly reduced in the last six months.

Connection is never stable and is terribly inconsistent. Paying premium for speed is irrelevant if it drops every 20 seconds. 

Chat outreach options are redundant. I've reset my router, device, and adapter multiple times today. 

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    Forget chat unless you need help resetting something else.  Contact   Include your full name, the service address and a link to this discussion.

  • Hello. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are having. Please reach out to us for assistance at so that we can assist you with your connection. 

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    I have the troubleshooting steps and the help scripts memorized from having to reset THEIR modem trying to get internet reset. I agree and concur that connection integrity has gone to ...

    Usually there is also a very s  l  o  w period where my 500 MBS actually runs at 20-30 until the next reset. All using and paying for Cox equipment. Please CALL COX every time. I have been doing their fixes, but was told I have not had any problems since March (the last time I called.) Funny that the apps also can never reveal an outage, but miraculously "Something went wrong" and "You are offline." Of Friggin' course I'm offline when the connection is down.

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