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3 months ago

Recurring internet outages for OVER 4 WEEKS NOW

My home has been experiencing service outages every single night since 04/22. Every night, starting at 8PM lasting until 2AM. Why can’t yall notify us of these things? Because of the predictability it leads me to believe that there is major work or scheduled work being done affecting internet. My wife and I work a swing shift from home. It’s really hard to work from home WITHOUT INTERNET. I’ve chatted in, called, visited store fronts, I’ve exhausted every single option to try and figure out what is going on and what can be done and all I get is “we don’t know, eta is XX:XX, pay us more money and we can send a technician to check out your home, pay us even more money for a support plan” etc. Not a single person can give me a reason. If there is major work happening, replacing lines, installing fiber, something that’s taking so much time and what not THEN TELL US. We jump into our shifts every night not knowing what’s to come. We are in jeopardy of losing our jobs and all we can tell our employers is “the internet is down again, my shift is going to have to resume later, sometime” and business is business so they’re going to get to a point where they’re going to replace us because of this. BUT IF WE HAD A HEADS UP WE COULD PREPARE PROPERLY. And I’m still expected to pay for a service I can’t use? You’re out of your mind. But HEAVEN FORBID they help and cut out great portions of the bill to reflect the amount of internet we can use in a day while this is going on. I’ve tried to switch providers in the meantime and Cox has monopolized the entire area leaving us no other option. And then support has the audacity to tell us that it’s our equipment…..I have a masters in computer science, I know what I’m doing with my equipment. I’m not renting your equipment that will just experience the same thing. I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR FIX THE **bleep** OUTAGE. And if you can’t do that, then GIVE ME A HEADS UP OR A TIME FRAME FOR THE REPAIRS OR SOMETHING, WHY IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? “Sometimes it isn’t best to provide all details of repairs and outages” WHAT A CROCK OF SH**. If you did I’d be able to modify my work. This has been the biggest joke of A MONTH I’ve ever experienced with ANY internet provider. And I have no choice but to use Cox. 

Anyways…..anybody else experience something similar?

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    If you've had an outage every single night for over three weeks, do you really need to be notified that there might be an outage tonight?  I understand your frustration, but if what you say is true, I predict you'll have an outage tonight.  If you want some insight into why it's happening, you could try contacting  They might be able to help you with that.  Include your full name, the service address and a link to this discussion.  But, short of getting on a plane and flying to wherever you are to help run some fiber or some such thing, they won't actually be able to fix your issue if your neighborhood is experiencing a scheduled, local outage.

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      This is true, I should anticipate the nightly outage for sure. To my surprise though it didn’t go out. So that’s a plus! I was on a rant fueled by weeks of frustration and my post got muddy 😅 but I was trying to convey that it would be nice if I could put a reason to it. If there was an email, letter, something at the beginning of the work that is being performed sent to us explaining that there is scheduled maintenance going to be happening from this date to that date during these hours. That way we could prepare a little better for those of us that rely on the internet late at night, you know? I had no idea about that contact option, I appreciate that and will be using it in the future. It would just be nice if we got a heads up in advance for recurring service maintenance if they’re installing fiber, fixing cable, etc. ya know?

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    I feel like I’m in the same boat as you. I’m in the Gonzales, La area. I work from home and require direct wired access for my job. I’ve lost almost a weeks worth of work and that’s in just 2 months. I can’t contribute anything beneficial. Just here for moral support and to reiterate the same frustration.