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6 months ago

Worst tech reps out there

Had a technical rep come to our house today because we have yet to get a signal to our modem.  The guy spent 2 hours trying to fix it.  He refused to come inside to look at the actual modem.  He came to the conclusion that our cable has "too strong" of a connection and that's why we have no internet.  He tells us that he is escalating it and that he will put in a ticket.

We luckily decided to follow up a few hours later to see the update.....

The guy put in the notes he couldn't assist us because we have a dog on the premises (they never left their kennel).  He didn't put in a ticket at all.  Took of an entire day off of work for absolutely nothing.  

Tried to report the guy and got absolutely no where.  So upset we are stuck eith this horrible company and we don't even have internet yet!! 

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    Call tech support, and request escalation to CAG. 

  • Hi rreso1007,



    I'm truly sorry you've been having service issues and that you had this experience with an appointment that was meant to resolve this for you. Please email my team at, or message us on Facebook or Twitter so we can assist with this. Please include your full name, address, and a reference to this post in your message. 



    Thank you.