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10 months ago

Worst internet I ever paid for

I live in Portsmouth va and every day atleast 6 times a day my wifi just randomly cuts off, if Cox isn't going to come up with a perminate fix for this issue I'm done paying you for the highest and most fastest service, this is absolutely ridiculous.

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    And their responses are always the same copy paste from 3 separate people that replied to me. Every time it ends up in a service call where they want to charge you. Last time I had someone come out because of the problem they tried to blame my equipment instead of checking their side. Every time I have bought up to day good cable modem/router combo and it never fixes the problem. I will be damned if they want 100 for fiber optic when it comes to our area because I can guarantee it will have the same problem. They need to update their splitters/cables coming from their end into the house. At this point I think if I want it done I will have to do it myself. 

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    I live in Virginia beach and my internet has been up without issue 

    Current System Time:Sun Oct 01 19:21:30 2023
    System Up Time:42 days 10:43:45


    43 days ago, I replaced my modem with a Netgear CM 2000, which is why I have been online only 42 days. 

    What modem are you using, what router are you using? Do you have multiple cable connections in your home?

    Is your computer Wired, or Wireless? Do ALL of your devices drop off the internet at the same time? Does your modem show losing connection?

    AND, LatitiaS, this MAY be something we can help with. I have over 14 years of advanced data support at Cox, and 2 years in T1 prior to that, so unless this is an issue with their cable feed into the home, then it's something we may be able to assist with. Just ask TiffanyR, LisaH Or RandyM..