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2 months ago

Worst customer service and scam charges

Has anyone ever dealt with Tejaswini? The only response I received were very generic. This person did not answer any of my questions directly and answered with wrong statements. The person said that I was informed about the charge by the tech? Really? I didn’t know that employees are compulsive liars at this company! I signed up for the internet service. When we tried to set it up I called and informed the employee that the internet isn’t working. The tech came out and fixed it since something has to be adjusted on the outside connections. On my bill I saw a $100 charge for an installation fee. This is such a scam. Nowhere did I sign or agree to anything. The employee at the phone or the tech did not disclose anything either! Cox is the worst provider ever and a scam! Unfortunately, there are no other options in this area because I would cancel immediately! 

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  • Hi, there. I'm so sorry for the poor experience you've had with us and I want to help. Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We really want to help you get this corrected. 

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      Never notified by Cox or Yahoo to transition.  Watched for notice but has not come now I have lost my cox info as my primary account.  Already have a Yahoo email and it won't accept another account.  How can help?

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    Another customer service representative got back to me about this issue and it was resolved. I appreciate the timely response and the assistance with this issue. Yes, companies should charge for tech visits, but everything should be clearly disclosed to the customer beforehand. 

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      I completely agree and I am glad they were able to assist you. Thank you for choosing Cox as your provider. 

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      If you attempt to sign into does Cox Webmail open for you or does it automatically take you to yahoo's sign-in? The Cox ID should allow you to sign into MyAccount at to view MyAccount. If you are having any issues accessing MyAccount on, could you email us at with your first and last name, complete address, and the Cox ID you're using to access?