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4 years ago

Wifi connected but No Internet

I just moved into a new place last week. I plugged in our brand new Panoramic Wifi device but cannot get connected to the internet. I tried 3 different cable outlet locations in our house, and I tried using a Netgear modem we brought from our old place. Neither can get connected to the internet. I went through all the troubleshooting offered via the Cox chat support (turning everything off and on again multiple times, gave them all my modem's info so they could try some things on their end), but they were not able to come to any solutions. They recommended I go to a Cox store and try getting a new modem, but that seems pointless as I've already tried a second modem that was working no problem in our last place. The chat also said Cox is not sending out any technicians. My question is, until they can send out technicians, is there anything else that can be done to get the wifi setup?

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    I tried 3 different cable outlet locations

    As a preparation to the first step, find your primary coaxial outlet.  It should be whatever outlet is closest to the Network Interface Unit outside your house.

    Is this place literally "new" or just new to you?  Meaning, was there ever ISP connectivity to your new place?