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2 months ago

Why isn't Cox lowering their price since they will no longer manage our emails?

Seems to me I should get a break on my bills from Cox when they switch our email to Yahoo.  If I had wanted Yahoo email, I would have opened a Yahoo account...  

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    I agree with the post.  The response above from COX is a polite shove it where the sun don't shine.  Cox move to yahoo cuts storage by 50%. 

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    Will we be receiving bills from Cox or Yahoo?  Can we cancel cox account once the move is complete?


  • Short version, because Cox never charged for email.  Internet access is the product you're paying for, everything else is a feature of the service and sometimes those change for better or worse and not everybody utilizes every feature of any given product.  I'm surprised there aren't people still mad that personal web space went away.

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    It's what I have come to expect from Cox. There TV product is not what it was 5  years ago. Actually the new Contour Set Top Box was a poor design, and losses functionality as time goes by.

    And now it's Email.

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    Lower the price? Come now good peoples of the interwebs, the only thing that gets lowered is the service and features, and every chance we get the quality as well, oh, and that'll be an increase of $19.95 per month now that we've streamlined your life for you.

  • Hi Charaz1949, welcome to the Cox Forums! Thank you for your feedback regarding the transition of email addresses to Yahoo. We are always evaluating the products and services we provide to ensure we’re providing the features our customers find most valuable. I understand your perspective, and I’ve forwarded your post to our leadership teams so your voice will be heard.