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2 years ago

why does it seem cox does not care about upload speeds

every time i try to start streaming again. the upload goes to **.. i pay for the top most plan they so called offer. so called 1gig. (most times 500- 800) and upload speed 35mbps most times. but the last few days its drop on most speed test sites down too .4 mbps. like wtf. had them here months ago to rerun everything. and they try ro tell me ita my house ground causing issues.. but then why it work good all times before..and it was fine for a bit till i started using it more.. and now it drops..  cox fix yo stuff and just let me pay for higher upload with less download. jist give me a price lmao.. 

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  • Hello IBloodhunterTV,

    I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing intermittent speed issues recently. I can imagine how frustrating this would be, especially when streaming. We want you to get the speeds that you subscribe to. There are some steps that can help diagnose and resolve speed issues. When you have a chance, can you go through the steps below and let us know the results?

    1. Check your connections: Please ensure that your connections are secured, your cables are undamaged and are in good health, and bypass any splitters by making a connection directly from the wall to the modem. This will help ensure that your modem is receiving the best signal from us.

    2. Restart your system: Please reboot the modem (and router) by unplugging the power to the modem (and router) for 30 seconds and then reconnect it. This will refresh the connection and can help resolve several errors and ensure your equipment are communicating with each other.

    3. Bypass Router: If you are using a stand-alone router, try bypassing it. You can connect via a wired connection directly to the modem. You may need to reboot the modem again to re-establish a handshake with the new device connected. Connect a computer or device directly to the modem using an ethernet cable. Make sure that WiFi is turned off on your device. This will help rule out any trouble with the wifi.

    4. Perform a speed test: Run a speed test at Then check out this article on
    We value your loyalty and want to get this resolved.

    Tiffany R.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      i wonder at what point does any "Cox Support Forum Moderator" not blame local hardware and realize there is an issue on their side. finding the info of cox's hardware issues is near impossible and the only support they offer is "turn it off and on again" (modem). we are stuck under the monopoly of 1 carrier, and its getting rather old, i have had 3 months of spotty to uselss connections and all their "oliver" does blame your hardware. yeah na, i spent 600+$ on new hardware, and it behaves exactly like the old hardware (modem, router,switch cables,coax, cat5/6 cable...)

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        I get it. N it's been this way 30 years. Yup no other places to go. Cox only provider in my area. I've had 3 tech in 2 1/2 weeks. No solution yet. Good luck