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4 years ago

Where does my unused already paid for data go?

Unused Data that I paid for, goes missing, but my data overage is well documented,  where can I get a cash refund or data refund for my paid unused data?

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    Great question! Had a good laugh reading this. Thanks Coxunlimited!

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    Hi @Coxunlimited,

    I understand your concern. Data usage reflects the amount of data used by online activities, not the amount of time spent online. Cox Internet packages include a 1.25 TB monthly data plan. Any unused data is not carried over to additional cycles and resets on a monthly basis. You will not be able to get a refund for unused data.

    Ben S.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      That was an idiotic response bearone2 as usual.

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        idiotic question, candid answer.

        if you pour a glass of water but don't drink all of it, can you apply for a refund from the water company for water not used??