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2 years ago

what is the propose of this forum site if cox offers no help here?!?

they say goto other platforms to get help. why should i? im on the servers of my cable provider, and in their "support forums" this is where anyone would expect help with issues.
i don't goto Instagram when having issues with my music equipment or router. i go directly to the manufacturers web site if i need help. thats how it works.
yes, i know this post may get locked/blocked/booted but it means someone with the "forum moderator" status will see it and hopefully got "hmmm" then will just blame a users local hardware as their reply without asking for someone to give them access to server status in order to give us proper replies. i have been dealing with 3 months of the worst most unreliable service outside of katrina.
if i waste time calling support, first thing they do is reset the router, ive done that 50 times already , thats why im calling. its NOT my end.
dont even know why im on this site, it never offers proper help or insite to why it now has DNS issues, or i have 65million uncorrectable errors even on new equipment. site is only for complaining about uselessness and not really getting help.

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    When u read forum info fm cox they make it perfectly clear of course that it is only for cox users to help cox users. Their only involvement is to monitor posts to not say negative stuff bout cox. I know I know... I'm already thinkin what yur thinkin. Lol the rules!! Oh my oh my u cannot ever post anything negative as this is a pleasant experience for cox users. Lol n u will be banned fm forum. I'm having same issues as u 10 hours in chats n 3 techs later. N I get a different response on every chat n tech interaction. No help. I've been with cox for 30 years. Notmal sorry. Good luck

  • Hi AAstevens, I understand the impact internet connection issues have on everyone in your household, and I'm sorry you've been dealing with these issues. As Unhappy mentioned, the main purpose of the Forums is for Cox customers to help other customers. It sounds like you've been through a great deal trying to resolve what's happening, and I'm sorry for the roadblocks you've encountered. I'd like to guide you through a shortcut to bypass our other support contact methods by emailing my team at We ask that you email because we don't want you to post personal information on our public Forums page. We'll do everything we can to get your issue resolved! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator