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What in all that is holy have yall done here in NE Mesa??

 Internet and apparently everythingelse has been broken for over a day now... Latest update on cox com app and my text message update says expected resolution by midnight.. That will make it almost 48hrs.. (yesterday we were told maybe around 2pm then 4pm and then kaboom yall had no idea when it would be resolved) I cant believe this has been a fail on such a significant scale and it keeps making it sound like yall don't know what is going on still.. (My Neighborhood is Power near 202 Red Mountain freeway area). Saw a Cox van driving around neighborhood late last evening. But seriously after we had sporadic issues with reboots at odd times on cable modem and then 3 outages this last one the most severe obviously but previously it was several hours and the only thing I can get from @coxhelp is well they think theres a line noise issue but that doesn't seem to be much of an answer.. additionally Id like to know what kind of billing credit we can expect due to this major outage issue and yes there had better be one to all of us affected by this..