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4 years ago

What do I do if I am being targeted by a DoS


I was targeted through out the weekend by a DoS attack and had other services attacked like my Linode VPS I have access too. So far I have resolved the Linode stuff as it was taken from me without permission by someone from Singapore, I have had multiple IP addresses from Singapore and around the world in other sketchy countries hitting my IP, I have tried resetting the modem in the hopes of getting a new external address but it doesn't provide me one. Is there anyone at Cox who can change my external address or expire the lease on the current address I have, I have talked to L1 support and they refused to get me to L2 without a valid reason (I would say this qualifies).


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    Changing your public IP address may not help...yet.  Did you download anything recently to act as a beacon to whomever in Singapore?  You should probably scan for malware.  Malwarebytes is effective and the last I read, it was still free.

    If you can rule out your PC being the culprit, Cox should change your public IP.

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    Next time you go to bed just unplug your modem,it can take hours before your ip will change on the network,when your modem is offline its IP address will go back into the ip pool as available and can take upwards of an hour sometimes for someone else to pick it up,if the IP is still available your modem will automatically pick it back up, unplugging it over night pretty much guaranty's a new ip on a dynamic network.

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      pretty much guaranty's

      Not a lot of people unplug their modems so addresses aren't easily reassigned.