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8 months ago

What am I even paying for?

Why am I paying over $100/mo for internet that doesn't work half the time?  There's a 50/50 chance that when I get home each day that my wifi is down. My entire house is full of smart applications that require internet access for me to use. I'm walk into pitch black darkness, need to turn on the lights manually, which almost always resets them, requiring completely unnecessary wastes of time to reconnect them, rename them, and reestablish the scenes in my home just for me to have to repeat the process the next day. This has been happening for months now. It's 2023 and a major communications company can't figure out how to maintain a consistent connection. It's embarrassing. If I could go to any other ISP I would but the best I can get outside of cox is like 10mbps down. I hate it here. I hate Cox. Cox is genuinely the worst ISP you can have. Be warned. To whatever sorry agent has to read this, I don't need any special attention just literally do what I'm paying you to do: providing consistent internet. 

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  • huntybunty, I am truly sorry you feel this way about our service. We are absolutely here to assist you with these types of issues. Please send us an email at with your full name and complete address to get started. Thank you. 

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      Thank you so much for the response, Heather! Are you telling me that if I send you an email that my region won't get outages any more? I didn't realize that just sending an email would fix such a widespread and significant problem. I'll get right on that. Incredible. 

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        Hello huntybunty, we would be happy to review the account for you.  Determine if an areawide concern is evident, or if a concern is found while testing your equipment to see if a visit would be needed to help address concerns.  If needed, please contact us directly anytime for assistance.  We are always happy to help.