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6 months ago

What a joke

I have had your internet service for two years now. It is ALWAYS going in and out. Everyone I’ve seen on social media in my area complains about the same thing. Your service is awful. 
I work from home, and rely heavily on the internet. I have to depend on the fact that it will work ANY TIME I need it to. I have not been able to depend on your services. 
My internet has been spotty at best for a week now. I haven’t been able to load a single webpage on my computer. I have to turn off my WiFi on my phone in order to do anything. I have used your app, and reset my modem multiple times. I’ve also unplugged it. It works then it stops, then it works but super slow, then it stops again. Constant. For. A. Week. 
I get on your chat feature this morning, and had to tell your agent the same thing over and over that I put in my original message. Do you not teach them to scroll up?! It is hard to stay kind and not be frustrated because I know it’s not them. 
While we waited for the modem to be rebooted, the agent asked if I’d like to hear a great offer that would work for me. I told your agent that the only way I wanted to hear the offer was if it saved me money, and fixed my connection. He told me anyway. 
He tried to upsell me, $10.70. And the sale point for him was that I wouldn’t have to pay a $75 technician fee if a technician was to be called to my home. 
Here’s my thoughts on that - If the problem is YOUR equipment or YOUR lines, or whatever the case may be, why would I have to pay $75 for YOUR MISTAKE?!?!?!
I will be switching my services, and anyone that asks me about your services will get my honest opinion. 
Have the day you deserve. 

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  • Hi Crodgers419, I think I'd feel the same way after two years of issues, and I'm sorry to hear that this experience has you thinking about switching providers. The last thing we want is to lose you to a competitor. I value your loyalty to Cox and I want to resolve the connectivity issues you're experiencing. It sounds like we need to schedule a service call so an on-site tech can further investigate what's happening. There is no service call fee if the issue relates to Cox equipment or Cox signal delivery. Would you allow us to complete a service call before you decide about switching providers? Please email my team at so we can troubleshoot remotely and schedule a service call as needed.