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3 years ago


I understand what these are as I'm a 20 some years has a IT person.   What I'm having a trouble with is every time some one or something sends a small amount of packets it is causing my Modem to drop internet connection and reset.  It happens 4 to 5 times a day and my wife works from home and it is cause problems with her working and voip calls.  We are connected with ethernet not wireless.  The Modem connection light starts to blink and then resets the modem and then the connection light becomes solid again until the next little attack. 

I have the panaramic modem.  I have tried different things, I have went from one extreme to the other.  I have shutoff the Firewall completely and rebooted it for the firewall to take affect and it still is making logs in the firewall log stating that it has blocked these packets even though i have shutoff the firewall. it still cause the internet modem to drop connection back to the Headin to reconnect with Cox service.

Cox should have a way in the modem to disable IPv6 address so we can try to see if that would take care of it.

Firewall Log

, 12
Attempts, 2021/12/8 19:58:00 Firewall Blocked

, 8175
Attempts, 2021/12/8 16:58:00 Firewall Blocked

FW.IPv6 INPUT drop
, 32064
Attempts, 2021/12/8 16:58:00 Firewall Blocked

Just for proof, I do have the firewall shutoff and still the firewall is blocking things and shutdown my modem and rebooting it.

Home Network

Firewall Security Level: None
I have ordered a new firewall router and I'm going to go into the modem and turn on the Bridge to pass all traffic to the new firewall router and see how that is going to work.  I will update on here to let every one know how it went.

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    Hi @Arizonaflyer

    I know how important it is for you to have reliable service. Let us know if you make a progress after trying what you have suggested.

    Ben S.
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