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5 years ago

VERY slow upload speeds and normal download speeds...

The upload speed is so incredibly slow most of the time despite 2 different service technicians coming by to check on the system.  At this point, I have no idea what to do.  I can't stream, play video games, or even upload a facebook photo. I pay a lot of money in the gigablast service and no one seems to have a clue...

If any of you have tips please let me know!

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    I think we are both in the same boat getting charged alot if money for crappy service

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    Welcome to Cox Cable. We're signed up for Gigabit, and we're still getting about 700 GB below what was promised..... and intermittent service despite being connected via ethernet..... They're trash but still the best option in my area for now. We're switching as soon as att fiber gets setup in our area. 5 more moths!

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      Hi Shavonne, it would be disappointing to see you leave the Cox family. Here is an article which discusses ways to achieve Gigablast speeds:

      For additional assistance, please feel free to email us at -Kevin
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    Hello, I'm not seeing any packet loss on your modem, and your signal levels appear to be within the normal specifications. Are you on WiFi or are you hard-wired when performing these speed tests? If you're on WiFi, can you please hard-wire a laptop or PC directly to the modem and perform another speed test for us?

    Here is a link to the Cox Internet Speed Test tool, -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    im getting the same, thing.the highest I have seen my upload speed be is 5, every other time it is around 1-2 mbps. ON AN ETHERNET CABLE ALSO. Cox is so bad, constant problems.

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      I checked from this end and I see some noise interference on one of the upstream channels. Can you try testing the modem at a different cable outlet and see if that helps?