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5 years ago

Upstream power levels low 32-33

Upload speeds fluctuate dslreports can not finish a speed test. Cox speed test I get anywhere from 5-25 Upload on a 30 link should I call for a tech? SB6190 ultimate package.

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    I had the same issue, was getting normal download speeds and 1-5mbps, I kept calling until it was fixed. In my instance I changed out my panoramic wifi gateway and got a modem and a dedicated router and that seemed to fix my issues, then I upgraded to the Ultimate and everything has been fine so far.

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    Hello. If you know for sure that the speed issue is the modem and not your router then yes, reach out to schedule a technician. To determine whether the issue is the modem or the router: run a speed test at after you log in under the primary user, with a device hard-wired to the router. After that disconnect, the router and hard wire a device directly to the modem, reset both the modem and the device and run another speed test at logged in as the primary user. This will tell you where the issue lies. If it is the modem, then yes reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at We are always available to schedule an appointment to resolve your speed issue.

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      What does my router have to do with signal levels between my modem and cox's node?