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3 years ago

Upload Speeds Dropping

Good afternoon,

I have constant upload drops throughout the day. This hasn't been an issue for about a year until last week when it just started to suddenly drop.

I upgraded my internet to the Gigablast plan because I upload a lot for school and work, and this has been such a pain as I'd disconnect whenever I'm backing up a server for work or if I'm trying to upload an essay for school, or if I'm just trying to relax and watch a streaming service like Hulu. Everything uses upload speed which is why I upgraded, but lately it drops to around 0.4-2mbps when I should have around 35.

I had a tech out a couple of days ago and they took out a splitter that had the rubber inside that had melted, and changed out the buffer on the back of my modem. He checked the signals in the modem and noticed they are all at a good balance.

He told me that if those do not fix it, then it could be a problem with the node at the pole due to congestion. He couldn't work on it or check the pole because they "are not allowed to work past 8 pm."

I've called COX again and told them what the technician said, but they said if they don't see an issue on their end, they are not going to send a tech out.

I'm not sure what to do at this point because it's affecting my work and schooling, and I'm feeling like COX is either going around the issue or knows the issue exists but won't communicate to their customers.

Is anyone else having this problem? I live in Southern Kansas and no inclement weather lately or outages.

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  • Many times here in CT and COX is well aware that we have bandwidth issues due to poor and old lines and equipment that needs to be upgraded due to higher usage.due to COVID. They tried to sell me Gigablast but the outside lines can't handle it and they are not going to invest in fiber in my condo complex of 540 units. my best upload speed is 9 MB andican barely broadcast  a live stream to the radio station.  My personal home network is a 6 GB capable so it is not my equipment..