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5 years ago

Upload Speeds Drop At The Same Exact Time Every Night For Months

I have been dealing with an issue now for about 4 months that consists of my internet speeds dropping (mostly upstream) at the same time every night. At about 9:15 pm Central Time my upstream drops to below 1 Mbps from anywhere between 45 minutes to multiple hours. I do streaming on Twitch and spend a lot time gaming so this is my peak hour for these activities and they are greatly affected by this upstream issue.  I have had around 7 techs out who have changed everything they can and have ruled out anything wrong at my tap or at my residence. I was eventually given the number to a shift supervisor that I could call when the issue was occurring where I was to leave a message with my name an number and they would look into it and get back the next day. I have stopped receiving callbacks and am at a loss as to what to do next. I have had confirmed packet loss during these periods that I see through the trace routes I run and from the supervisors I have talked to. I was also told by this supervisor and technicians that have been out that congestion should not be an issue as I am the only active subscriber on my tap so that has been all but ruled out.

If anyone is willing to give me some direction or work with me I would greatly appreciate it as coming to this forums is my last ditch effort in trying to figure this issue out. Thank you so much for your time.

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  • I've heard its a over saturated node, I'm having a similar issue.  I've seen people saying they have filed complaints with the FCC about this issue.  Not sure anything is an immediate fix at this point.  I'm just going to try to get a bill credit as I'm not paying for 300 when I'm getting less than 10.