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5 years ago

Upload Speed Issues.

Recently I have been getting 1-5mbps upload speeds, which is causing lag in my games. I have had a Tech come out and try to fix it we talked about it and he said that it has to be something with the lines, so he scheduled a linemen to come take a look at it. This morning the linemen with his bucket truck was here and said there is no problems with my router or lines. he was pulling the speeds that I am supposed to be getting, he even tested it out through ethernet and he was pulling 180 and 10mbps. which is what I usually get. SO I do not know what to do. can anyone help me.

Here are my PC Specs if that has anything to do with it

Ryzen 5 2600 OC 4GHZ

MSI B350m Gaming PRO

ASUS RX580 Dual 4gb

8gb DDR4 2666

430W PSU

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