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2 years ago

Underground Cable

We have reports of spotty service, picture "pixilation" on TV's and computers, slow internet service, spotty landline service that has been reported over the last few years.

We are a community of 168 units.

Cox has had many service calls to our community with the technicians replies being "there is an issue from the buildings electrical closet to the street".

We understand that the original lines were installed in 1984 and are in need of replacement.

The question is who's responsibility is it to change the lines and if changed is there a modern option other than coaxial cable? 

 Look forward to your response.

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    You are not going to get a response here to that question, as these forums are for Cox users to help out other Cox users. 

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    Whichever provider owns the node servicing your building will replace the coaxial (RG11).

    As for a modern option from the node to your buidling, such as fiber, your units would still be wired with coaxial cable.  If Cox ran fiber from the node to your electrical room, Cox would need to install a device to convert the light signal to electrical.  Cox won't do this because Cox doesn't own the building and the device would be expensive.

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    In recent years, two homeowners in our Orange County, California sub-HOA have been told by Cox that the cable from within their condo unit to the cable access point by the street outdoors is bad. In both cases, Cox has not offered to replace the defective cable at any price, nor offered any names of other companies interested in doing such work, merely suggesting an electrician be hired. Having checked with various local electricians, I have not yet found any who have ever run a coax cable from outdoors into an indoor entry point; only a suggestion that Cox sometimes uses subcontractors for such work, so there must be someone with such experience.

    I'm mystified that Cox doesn't want to do such work itself, both for the profit of charging the affected homeowner for the work, and for the assurance that all such work is done up to its preferred standards.

    Has anyone ever found a company with experience and expertise in pulling a new outdoor cable to replace a failing cable? Seems like it should be a simple matter of tying the correct new cable to the existing one and pulling it through existing conduit, using the existing cable as a pull rope, but what do I know?

  • Hello Bayridge, We may need to take a closer look at the issue you and others are facing with the service disruptions. We can take a look at the service issue at the time it's happening for you and others who you know are facing an issue. This will give us an idea how we can work out a solution. Please email us at with your name and complete address, and we can help investigate this further on your behalf.

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