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5 years ago

Ugly number of uncorrectables.

Had a tech come out and fix a few issues a couple of weeks ago. My internet was outright disconnected after multiple outages in a row, fixed that. Maint came out a day after and pretty much fixed my upload speed issue. Now the only thing left showing up is this and this isn't right is it? I notice hiccups here and there. The tech had put an attenuator in when he was here and don't know if removing it would fix the issue.

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    I'm noticing drop offs while playing league, and disconnects during an mmo called kritika, but somehow my speeds continue to seem like there fine and when I stream, I haven't streamed anything in the past two days and the problem is becoming more and more noticeable every day. I'm noticing people with very similar issues to my issue before this one in this forum except their techs and maint haven't actually fixed that particular problem for them.
    I haven't outright disconnected yet even with these ridiculous numbers, but I've removed the attenuator, and originally the starting value was the same when I first reconnected and at some point it changed. Gonna have to wait a bit to see the numbers come back and see if the problems persist, but like I said doing ping tests and what not aren't reflecting the issue. I've also ran ping plotter for about 15 minutes 30 minutes ago and saved the image if someone from cox wants to take a look at it. I'm wired into my modem.

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      @abaker1992, your modem levels appear to be within the normal range, and I'm not seeing any Uncorrectables either. If you continue to experience latency on a gaming server, please provide hard-wired traceroutes so we can have them reviewed. Fluctuations in latency within connecting networks outside of Cox’s network, such as gaming servers, is beyond the scope of our support. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
  • @Abaker1992, Please respond back with the pingplotter results so we can take a closer look. Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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        @Abaker1992, Thanks for providing the requested information. At this point, I recommend having a tech come out and see what is causing this issue for you. Please send us an email to with your full address, name, and a link to this thread. Thanks. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.