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4 years ago

Two wifi networks

I have just tried to install a new Cox panoramic router and it is not working. A tech installed two new networks WIFI with 2.4 speed and it works but slow. The other WIFI 2 with 5g and also 2.4. Neither will connect to the internet. I have run every diagnostic you can think of, rebooted  the router, rebooted the PC and nothing seems to work. I am thinking that I should install another network with only the 5g but am not sure.

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    Forget about WiFi for a minute...

    What is your speed when you connect your PC to your router with a CAT 5E or CAT 6 ethernet cable?

    There are many "speed test" websites and downloadable programs, but this one seems very trustworthy. 

    Your ethernet speed should be about 90% of the speed you are paying for. Remember, the WiFi "speed" will ALWAYS be considerably lower than when you are directly connected with an ethernet cable. And the WiFi speed will get exponentially slower the further you move away from your router.

    Also, when choosing which radio frequency (WiFi signal) to use, the 2.4 GHz frequency can travel much further than the 5 GHz frequency, BUT the 2.4 GHz signal speed is slower and the 5 GHz signal speed is faster. So if you have the choice, go with the 5 GHz signal.

    Test it for yourself and tell us what you get...

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    I don't have Panoramic but I'll surmise you actually have 3 wireless networks.  One is your personal wireless network and the other is a wireless Cox Hotspot.

    First, the "2.4" GHz is a rounded number because frequencies breakdown into the thousandths.  For example, a 2.4 GHz frequency could actually be a 2.412 GHz.  In North America, there are 11 of these "breakdowns" and are called Channels.

    Panoramic has 2 frequencies for your personal wireless:  2.4 and 5 GHz.  As Chris noted, 1 has a longer range but the other is faster.  On your personal wireless, Cox recommends to name the 2 frequencies (2.4 and 5) with the same SSID.  SSID is another word for the name of your wireless network.  For example, "ChucksWiFi" would be an SSID.  Although it's 2 frequencies, I'd say its 2 networks but each has the same SSID so it could be argued as 1 network.  (Thoughts?)

    The other wireless network, Cox Hotspot, is also 2.4 GHz but on a different channel, such as (for example) 2.462 GHz, so it shouldn't interfere with your personal wireless.

    Therefore, with 2 networks (personal and Hotspot), you have 2 login credentials.  One set of credentials is for your personal wireless and if the tech didn't change it, it should be listed on the sticker of your Panoramic.  The Hotspot credentials should be your Cox username and password.  I'm unsure about Hotspot credentials because I've never used it.

    Make sure you're using the correct credentials for the applicable network.  If you want to disable the Hotspot while troubleshooting, use widermouthopen's instructions at

    I suppose we can start there.

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    are you aware it can take up to an hour for the pano unit to set itself up + you won't connect anything to the auxiliary routers until the pano is setup?

    i piggyback an older netgear 2.4/5, 2nd router off my working pano unit to run an older dell laptop, it does run slower?

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      You think the OP is using more than 1 router?  I must have missed this.

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        sounds like the tech tried to setup 2 other routers:

        "A tech installed two new networks WIFI with 2.4 speed and it works but slow."