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5 years ago

Turtle speed

Has anyone had any success or lack of success in requesting a credit. 

I feel I pay too much for garbage download speeds when my service is consistently a fraction (about one-fourth or one-third of that). I am paying more for COX than my car!!!!

I don't know if this is related, but yesterday, I could not even participate in a Zoom meetings daily because of the poor quality. Audio was too choppy to be understood, I could not see them, and I got bounced off three times. And my Smart TV programming (Hulu, Netflix, Prime, etc) keeps stopping/getting stuck due to my internet connected. I basically stopped using internet from COX and have been using my phone as a hotspot! I do not have a hard cable connection to the TV - just wireless from my modem combo. 

this is bollocks 

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  • Hello CJ 1lofts 5,

    Completing a speed test while signed into My Account will save a springboard of information on the Speed Test results: There isn't an obvious sign of an issue found when pinging and looking at the signal levels on the WiFi Modem right now. When did you begin to see the connection and speed issue and is the speed loss issue you're seeing happening all day, random, or during particular times of day?

    We have a couple helpful tools for customers renting our Panoramic WiFi Modem. Have you accessed the Cox WiFi App, or My WiFi Portal? We certainly want to help get to the bottom of the connection and speed loss issues you're seeing and find a solution.

    Cox Forum Support Moderator
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    what connect speeds are you paying for, tv + what other devices on while zooming?